I’m a n00b, ok?

November 10, 2008

In my attempt to learn more about the music of Richard Strauss, I picked up a CD from the library. It took me a few minutes, as I sat there listening to “The Blue Danube”, trying to hear what Schoenberg called the “revolutionary” in Strauss’ music, before I consulted Google, and found that there is apparently more than one Strauss. Oh well. I like waltzes too!


2 Responses to “I’m a n00b, ok?”

  1. wufei37 Says:

    I know the person called Strauss. The song ‘The Blue Danube’ I also rery like.Hoping you do more recommend some beautiful melodies you heard.Haha Read this blog,maybe I also will become a half of musician!(Hope this expression is right)

  2. Opus Says:

    Yes, it is a very nice tune! Very different from the music I was looking for, however. Despite their same last names, Richard Strauss and Johannes Strauss are at opposite ends of the spectrum, it seems.

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